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Hummink Showcases Innovation at Trade Shows Worldwide

Hummink, a leading innovator in precision manufacturing, has been actively participating in various prestigious trade shows worldwide, showcasing their cutting-edge HPCaP (High Precision Capillary Printing) technology through NAZCA and fostering collaborations across industries. Their recent and upcoming appearances at events such as EPHJ in Geneva, TechBlick in Boston, MiNaPAD in Grenoble, and Letis Days illustrate their commitment to driving advancements and sharing their expertise with a global audience.

1. EPHJ: A Successful Exhibition in Geneva

Hummink recently marked its presence at the EPHJ (Environnement Professionnel Horlogerie-Joaillerie) trade show in Geneva, an event renowned for its focus on watchmaking, jewelry, microtechnology, and medical technology. EPHJ is a hub for industry professionals to network, exchange ideas, and explore the latest technological innovations. At the event, Hummink captivated attendees with its precision manufacturing solutions, demonstrating their potential applications in watchmaking: dial metallization with Gold, MicroLED electrical connections to light the dial, parts protection with printed polymers able to survive an aggressive environment, etc. The company’s booth highlighted their ability to produce print with unparalleled accuracy, reinforcing their position as a leader in this field.

2. TechBlick Boston: Showcasing Innovation in Electronics

In parallel with their success in Geneva, Hummink made a significant impact at TechBlick in Boston, a premier event dedicated to the latest advancements in electronics, including printed electronics, microfabrication, and nanotechnology. TechBlick attracts a diverse audience of engineers, researchers, and industry leaders. Hummink’s booth drew considerable attention with its demonstrations of high-precision manufacturing techniques that cater to the electronics industry’s ever-evolving needs. The company’s participation in TechBlick also included a presentation by the VP of Business Development and US Representative RP America, that announced Hummink’s partnership with Suss Microtec to enhance Inkjet performance using HPCaP and highlighted its ever growing capabilities. During this event, we also announced our partnerships with CEA Leti to address sustainability issues.

3. MiNaPAD in Grenoble: Focusing on Microelectronics

from June 19-20, 2024, Hummink is set to participate in the MiNaPAD conference in Grenoble, a key event for microelectronics professionals. MiNaPAD offers a platform for experts to discuss the latest developments in packaging, assembly, and design of microelectronic components. Hummink’s presence at MiNaPAD underscores their dedication to advancing microelectronics through precision manufacturing. Julien Vitiello, Hummink’s Product Manager will present the latest updates and focus on Hummink’s technology value in sustainable electronics.

4. Leti Innovation Days: Anticipating Future Innovations

On June 25th, Hummink will be featured at the Leti Innovation Days, a forward-thinking conference organized by CEA-Leti, focusing on emerging technologies and innovations across various industries. Leti Innovation Days serve as an incubator for new ideas and collaborations, making it an ideal venue for Hummink to showcase their latest advancements. The company’s participation in Leti Innovation Days is anticipated to highlight their ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of precision manufacturing. Attendees can look forward to live demonstrations of Hummink’s NAZCA tool at their booth in addition to a presentation highlighting the technology’s role in promoting sustainability in manufacturing processes.

Hummink’s engaging presentations and interactive sessions will provide insights into their cutting-edge technology, aiming to inspire and connect with other innovators. The event is expected to foster an environment of creativity and technological progress, where Hummink can explore new collaborations and share their vision for the future.

5. Conclusion

Hummink’s active participation in these prominent trade shows reflects their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in precision manufacturing. By engaging with diverse audiences at EPHJ, TechBlick, MiNaPAD, and Leti Days, Hummink continues to position itself at the forefront of technological advancements, driving progress and establishing valuable industry connections. Through showcasing their HPCap technology, Hummink demonstrates its pivotal role in revolutionizing microelectronics across various sectors.

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