Discover the smallest foutain pen in the world

The future is driven by innovative nano-electronics objects, but no one can assemble them. Except us.


Breaking the trade-off between miniaturization and complexity at the nanoscale

Manufacture the nano-electronics objects of tomorrow thanks to a breakthrough additive manufacturing technology. 

Deposit any material, on any surface, with a unique freedom of design.

Hummink provides on-demand, localized and micron & sub-micron manufacturing.

Simple by design.

Want to draw micronic or sub-micronic patterns?


Let capillarity work its magic!

Our revolutionary and patented method works as a direct nanoprinting technique
It is directly derived from AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) technologies, replacing scanning probes by nano capillaries.

These “nanopens” are filled up with liquid.
They are attached to a macro-resonator (similar to a musical tuning fork) which
oscillates at a controlled frequency
– just like the wings of the hummingbird.

Applications hummink

The substrate is placed beneath on a nanopositioning stage.

It comes close to the tip of the oscillating nanopipette, until a
first drop of liquid is pulled out. This happens by contact with the substrate thanks to capillarity.
The formed meniscus is detected by a slight
frequency shift of the resonator.

Our proprietary closed-loop electronics enables us to stabilize the meniscus, and control the movement of the table on the X, Y, and Z axis to draw the pattern of your need.

Like an AFM, the oscillating tip will adjust to the topography of the substrate. We use the nanopen’s diameter tip adapted to the desired printed resolution.

Hummink Nanopen

The deposition is continuous and achieved by capillarity. As simple as that. No external source of energy is required. 

At these scales, such precise resolutions would be inaccessible with any other deposition technology: that’s the magic strength of capillary forces!

Hummink Applications

Unique combination of features

The missing link for tomorrow’s semiconductor industry


The development of tomorrow’s industry – AI, Quantum, Medtech, Space – is built on nano-electronics.

But today, researchers and industrialists are all held back by an inability to interconnect smaller and more complex components.

We at Hummink, unlock the potential of breakthrough innovation for printed electronics related industries.

With a faster, simpler and greener solution, which opens up a wide range of manufacturing perspectives. Our 1-step additive manufacturing process replaces the multi-steps existing standards.

And the future is now: we are already working on a multinozzle, automated process for mass production that will deeply transform the semiconductor industry.

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“New technologies are redefining the semiconductor landscape. An important tactic for governments will be to enable the development of more advanced ways to combine and connect already manufactured chips, rather than simply pushing to burn individual chips with ever-smaller and therefore faster functionality.”

The Economist, “The World Ahead in 2022”
Focus on the semiconductor industry