Dream Smaller with NAZCA

Discover our revolutionary all-in-one prototyping machine : the world’s

most advanced fountain pen.

Want To Draw Micosonic Or Sub-Micronic Patterns?

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Any material: silver, gold, copper, graphene, polymer, etc.
Any surface : Si, SiO2, Si3N4 Wafers, Glass, Flexible substrate, etc.
Any desired shape : lines, circles, gratings, dots, 3D pillars, etc.


Matchless Precision: 500 nm to tens of µm resolution range.
Receive a nanopen with a tailored tip diameter for your print resolution.
Handle items at the centimeter scale: 16 cm deposition span, accommodating up to 25 cm wide substrates.
Exceptional Positioning Accuracy: <100nm in XY, 5 nm in Z.

FAst and unprecedented
design freedom

Time Constraints? Achieve print speeds exceeding 10mm/s seamlessly.
Remarkable Simplicity: Streamlined printing workflow featuring automated calibration.
Real-time Monitoring:
Leverage a high-magnification camera and user-friendly software designed for direct oversight.

Unique Patentend Technology​

The future is driven by nano-electronic objects, designed with growing complexity
and continual miniaturization. But the thing is: no one can assemble them.

What is so special about NAZCA ?

Unlock manufacturing possibilities

Our machine allows you to unlock new manufacturing possibilities, such as:

  • Unprecedented resolution
  • Precision
  • Large process window (ink, substrate, shape, size)

Internalize research and production

  • Limited footprint
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • High production yield

User-oriented equipment

  • High process control (in situ monitoring, automatic adaptation to substrates)
  • On-demand consumables
  • Easy to use and reliable software

Easy-to-use software

Our dedicated software suite, developed internally, seamlessly supports both research and production tasks. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily draw new patterns, adjust pipette size, switch inks, monitor performance, and characterize samples with integrated AFM capabilities.

Got additional questions or need assistance?​

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NAZCA Technology for Licensing.

Manufacture the nano-electronics objects of tomrrow thanks to a breakthrough additive manufacturing technology.
Deposit any material, on any surface, with a unique freddom of design.

Hummink provides on-demand, localized and micron & sub-micron manufacturing.