Dream Smaller with NAZCA


Meeting all your prototyping needs for today… and tomorrow

Discover our revolutionary all-in-one prototyping machine : the world’s most advanced fountain pen.

Nazca prototyping machine

Direct printing technology, unique versality


Any material: silver, gold, copper, graphene, polymer, etc.

Any surface : Si, SiO2, Si3N4 Wafers, Glass, Flexible substrate, etc.

Any desired shape : lines, circles, gratings, dots, 3D pillars, etc.


Unrivaled resolution : between 50 nm and tens of µm.

We provide you with the nanopen’s diameter tip adapted to your printed resolution

Centimeter scale objects: 16 cm deposition range, handling substrates up to 25 cm width 

Unique positioning precision: 20 nm XY, 5nm Z


You’re in a rush?
Your designs can be printed at more
than 10 mm/s, without interruption.

Rare simplicity: clear printing workflow with automated calibration

Direct monitoring : high magnification camera and dedicated user friendly software

Want to draw micronic or sub-micronic patterns?

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Discover our fast, adaptable & reliable ink deposition technology

High precision manufacturing revolution

Speed up your R&D with on-site prototyping

Fast, on-demand, local printing method with micronic & sub-micronic resolutions:

  • Get your printing done quicker and in the exact way you want it
  • Internalize repair
  • Get complex processes done without outsourcing latencies
  • Easy-to-use with user friendly software

Lighten your lab equipment

Gain space in your lab with an all-in-one machine:

  • Compact and table-top sized
  • Simple to set up
  • No facilities needed. Just a table and a plug

Manufacture like never before

The one tool researchers have always dreamed of:

  • Dispense material only where needed

  • Less than 5 min from ink selection to printing on your substrate

  • Swap easily between capillaries to test inks and pattern sizes

  • Fast & secure load and unload of substrate

  • We provide the nanopipette sizes adapted to your needs


Dream smaller with NAZCA

On-demand consumables

Stop spending time looking for the parts you need:

  • We provide you with a turnkey solution: get the components with the machine and re-order them at your convenience
  • Inks and formulations adapted to your needs
  • On-demand nanopens tips made for your resolution

Unique patented technology

Our technology is derived from atomic force microscopes (AFM), and uses high precision electronics.
It opens the door to faster, more precise, and cheaper assembly possibilities for innovative nano-electronics products.

Learn more about our technologyGet the technical data sheet

Hummink’s technology was invented in the physics laboratories of the Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (IPGG) and the Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Paris.