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High precision electronics manufacturing.
Enabled by cutting edge material science expertise.

Precision & Accuracy
Inks & Substrate Adaptability

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Hummink has been collaborating with world-renowed industrial R&D
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Who is Hummink for

Our Technology & NAZCA

Discover our unique patented technology. Print your patterns in a single step, with unprecedented resolution and precision:

  • Unique micropen approach with capillary deposition
  • Targeted and precise manufacturing
  • Any ink on any substrate, automatic adaption to topography

NAZCA is the game changer R&D machine that comes with dedicated inks.


  • Unprecedented resolution & precision
  • Large process window
  • Limited foot print
  • User friendly

NAZCA machine

NAZCA opens a range of possibilities for faster, smaller, purer and cheaper assembly and manufacturing of innovative electronics devices.

Manufacture the future with NAZCA.
Ask us for a demo or a proof of concept.


  • Unprecedented resolution & precision
  • High process control
  • Low manufacturing costs
  • High production yield
  • Long term R&D vision & CPI

Modular Technology​

Explore collaboration possibilities with two distinct avenues:

  • Integrate our technology within your manufacturing workflow
  • Hummink adapts to your equipments and materials constraints

Join us in shaping a future of innovation and excellence.


  • Breakthrough technology
  • Long term R&D vision & CPI
  • Adaptability to existing suppliers
  • Environmental friendly

Discover what Hummink is all about.

Discover what Hummink is all about.

The future is driven by nano-electronic objects, designed with growing complexity and continual miniaturization. But the thing is: no one can assemble them.

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