Slide Additive manufacturing
at the nanoscale
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Our Technology

A unique combination of features
For unique prototyping capabilities

Hummink uses a patented technology that combines a nanometric “pen” with an oscillating macroresonator to perform a capillary deposition of various liquids.

The system’s movement adapts to the specificities coming from either the ink or the substrate thanks to a unique electronic control. You can deposit virtually anything on anything. 

Versatility for your various applications

Thanks to our direct printing technology, you can deposit any ink, on any substrate. Quickly design multimaterial patterns, with different line resolutions

Unprecedented resolution and precision

Freely design your patterns with line widths from 50 nm to several microns. Deposit with 1 nm positioning precision.

High printing speed

You're in a rush? Your designs can be printed at more than 100 µm/s, without interruption. A serious boost to your productivity!
Smaller features... bigger objects

Smaller features... bigger objects

No concession on the object size: you can deposit with the same resolution and precision on millimetric to centimetric substrates.

An extremely versatile technique for different markets

Because Hummink’s technology does not rely on UV or chemical reactions, you can directly deposit the ink you want, on the surface you want. This allows us to address different markets, that have the same need: design large objects with small feature size.

Semiconductor industry

Material: Conductive inks, UV resins, molding material, chemical etching Applications: 3D packaging, interconnections

Molecular Diagnosis

Material: proteins, patterning materials, markers Applications: Molding, cell engineering, drop deposition


Material: quantum dots, photosensitive resins etc. Applications: photonics interconnections, augmented reality etc.

Hummink's team

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