About us

Providing a game-changing technology for the semiconductor industry


About us

Our mission

Enabling the nano-electronics of tomorrow.

We are overcoming the industry’s current limitations by providing a simpler, faster and greener manufacturing solution.

Our vision

A new manufacturing paradigm has come. Direct printing method will reduce the number of manufacturing steps for ever more complex and miniaturized electronic components.

The advent of additive manufacturing will have various impacts:

  • Economical: by turning expensive muti-steps manufacturing methods into a 1-step maskless process, we are significantly decreasing manufacturing costs. Moreover, faster prototyping of new products reduces their time-to-market and accelerates their deployment on the market
  • Environmental: we cut down energy consumption and material waste with a 1-step process and direct deposition of materials
  • Strategical: our agile manufacturing solution can easily be implemented to rebuild local semiconductor production facilities, and take over control on tomorrow’s industry

Our story

We were born in the prestigious physics labs of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and PSL University. After a first patent on its nanoprinting technology in 2018, Hummink was created in 2020 by Amin M’Barki and Pascal Boncenne, alongside with its scientific inventors – Lydéric Bocquet, Alessandro Siria and Antoine Niguès – and Christophe Bureau, a deeptech serial entrepreneur.

The company has been supported since its foundation by Elaia Partners and PSL, with a first fundraising round of €700K in 2020. It was incubated during two years at PC’UP (ESPCI) and Agoranov.

Hummink has announced a second fundraising round of €5M in 2022, led by Sensinnovat and Elaia Partners, alongside with PSL and Beeyond, with the support of BPIFrance.

Meet our outstanding team

Our startup was created in 2020 and spun-off from the physics labs of Ecole Normale Supérieure and Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes in Paris.

Hummink’s team gather top-tier scientifical, entreprenarial and industrial profiles

Amin M'Barki

Amin M'Barki, PhD - CEO

PhD in material science
8 years experience in Additive Manufacturing

Pascal Boncenne

Pascal Boncenne - COO

Hardware marketing & operations specialist
Graduated from HEC Paris & Ecole Polytechnique

Julien Vitiello

Julien Vitiello, PhD - Product Director

PhD in electrical engineering
15+ years of experience in the semiconductor industry (ex NXP, Soitec & Altatech)

Marc Pascual

Marc Pascual, PhD - Material Scientist

Phd in Material Science
Ex-Researcher at ENS & IPGG

Brice Metinou

Brice Metinou

Lead Software Engineer

Frédéric Raynal

Frederic Raynal

VP Business Development

Lydéric Bocquet

Pr. Lydéric Bocquet - CSO

World-renowned nanofluidics expert
CNRS Silver medal award
Co-founder of 3 deeptech startups

Christophe Bureau

Christophe Bureau, PhD - CBO

Serial Deep Tech Entrepreneur
Founder of Alchimer & Alchimedics

Alessandro Siria

Alessandro Siria, PhD -Scientific Founder & Advisor

Researcher at ENS & CNRS
Nanofluidics Expert

Antoine Niguès

Antoine Niguès, PhD - Scientific Founder & Advisor

Researcher at ENS Paris
AFM Tech Expert

Nathan Bigan

Nathan Bigan

PhD student in Nanofluidics at ENS
Graduated from Chimie ParisTech (PSL)

M. Ben Haddada

Ben Haddada

Chemical Eng.

Norah Quenum

Lab Technician

We Are Hiring

Application Eng.


Achille Guitton

Material Sc. Apprentice

We Are Hiring

We Are Hiring

Electronics Eng.

Stephan Gachet

Stephan Gachet

Europe Sales Rep.

Geoffrey Barral

Geoffrey Barral, PhD

Taïwan Sales Rep.

Ludovic Ferrigno

Japan Sales Rep.

Rick Mental

Rick Mental

USA Sales Rep.

Byong-Hun(John) Park

John Park

Korea Sales. Rep